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I did a show at the Sol Collective Gallery in Sacramento this month. It was funded by the Sacramento Arts Commission and It went well. Stay Tuned for more pics and video. UPDATED: Click Here for More.


The Jewelery Store and Section is being completed as we speak.

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If you want to contact me with any questions you can reach me at

A moment with a Maker.

Video to be used for upcoming Solo Exhibit Titled
“Petting Zoo” at the 1078 Gallery.

The film itself is only 48 seconds. This loop is to show how it will be shown within the installation.

Among the Portable Music Boxes I’ve Made This is The Smallest.

Introducing Micro Boom.

The Love Child of Baby Boom And Daddy Boom.

Speaker Necklaces No Longer in Production! Now I just Make These 🙂

New Crate Installation/Projection.

I made a Randoms Section in the Foto Page for all my photos
that are not part of a series.



The New Mobile Gallery Truck Is Getting ready for our Sept 12th 2009 show. This is what the Beaut looks like! An Old Breuners Truck made by International Harvester.

BreunersTruck Turned Mobile Gallery


Stay Tuned. Check out our last show here. and Here

New Shots in These Three Places in Space.

Killing In La

Film Attacks

Australia Mixer

Video From Installation for SiMo in The Box